Commercial and Development Loans

Commercial Investors

At Pinnacle Capital our clients benefit from working in close partnership with a professional consultant with an extensive understanding, skill and experience in sourcing and structuring finance for commercial property investment and development finance in the Australian property finance sector.

We arrange new construction loans from as little as $150,000 for the first time commercial property builder to the more sophisticated larger scale commercial construction loan of $10,000,000 plus.

We are well placed to offer innovative and flexible finance solutions that can provide you with greater borrowing capacity and maximum equity utilisation, in order to maximise the return on the project.

We are experts in arranging finance for the acquisition or refinance of the following type of properties:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Shopping Centres
  • Property Development

Whether your project involves a simple home construction or a complex multi-unit development, we will take a personal interest in helping to meet your financial goals – and we will offer you a loan which allows you to move forward, ensuring you are not bogged down in the process.

Construction Loans

We specialise in arranging the following types of commercial construction loans for our clients:

  • Construction Loans against the value on completion

    This type of construction loan allows funding to be applied against expected value of the project upon completion. In some circumstances this can allow up to 75% of the Gross Realisation of the project.

  • Construction Loans against cost

    This is the traditional commercial construction loan where lenders will advance a certain percentage of the construction cost. In some instances this can allow lending up to 100% of the projects’ total hard costs.

  • Mezzanine Construction Loans

    Mezzanine finance can support a construction loan either in conjunction with commercial property finance or as a second mortgage. Mezzanine funding reduces the equity requirement of the project freeing up cash for other projects or minimising the amount of upfront cash required to fund the construction.

  • Funding Sources

    We source funding for investment and construction finance from a large network of lenders depending on the requirements of our client.

We have well-established relationships with key senior commercial managers within the property divisions of institutions, banks and private lenders within Australia, and are able to access these contacts on behalf of our clients.

Contact Pinnacle Capital today, and we will find the right commercial property finance solution for your commercial property or development project. We offer no obligation, free consultations.