At Pinnacle Capital we understand that a mortgage is a major financial commitment for our clients, which will need to be met – even in the event that you become injured, experience a serious illness, or even in the event of your death.

We therefore take the time, as part of the service we offer, to recommend that all our clients consider whether they are adequately insured to protect their home or investments.

We provide you with the opportunity to carefully consider the financial consequences for you and your family should something unforeseen happen. We consider this an important part of the process of acquiring or refinancing a loan.

To this end, we offer products in the following insurance categories:

  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Home & contents insurance
  • Building insurance
  • Landlords Protection insurance

Of course, we would also be pleased to provide you with a recommendation and referral for any of these products, even if choose not to proceed with other finance from us at this time.

Contact Pinnacle Capital today for further information about this of any of the other finance solutions we offer. We offer no obligation, free consultations.