Refinance - Get a better deal

You could be paying more than you have to!

At Pinnacle Capital we encourage our clients to re-assess their current loans regularly. If you have had your current home or commercial loan for more than 12 months, then it would be wise to have it reviewed.

You may be able to get a better interest rate with lower monthly repayments, or to change your loan to suit your current lifestyle.  Refinancing could potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loans. Alternatively, you may be able to use the equity in your existing property for other investments, or to obtain a line of credit to use for other purposes, such as renovations.

Debt Consolidation

In most cases, it also makes sense to consider consolidating all of your debts into your property loan. By consolidating your finances, for instance, credit cards, personal loans and car loans with your home loan, you can benefit from reduced interest rates and long-term interest savings, reduced fees and charges, and have the ability to make one regular repayment instead of multiple repayments.

Contact Pinnacle Capital today, for obligation-free advice as to whether restructuring your finances could help you pay your debts off faster, or provide you with the opportunity to make the most out of your property.